Welcome to the Athens’s largest home ware shop on the Internet!

Thanks to the internet you can now purchase hand-knotted quality carpets at prices that have not previously been possible or chosen furniture at extra low prices. Ides.gr was started in June 2005 and is operated by Idea EPE located in Athens, Greece. The company has expanded rapidly and is now the largest online home ware shop in Athens.

You have the possibility to browse through around 500 unique carpets, furnitures, floorings, fabrics, blinds etc  in different categories, styles and sizes. The wide selection ranges from nomadic, classic to modern items. This offers you a product range not to be found anywhere else.

But, what makes us unique is that we 're not only products' sellers but also we offer you and respective services: carpets' cleaning, living rooms' cleaning, curtains' sewing etc.
This combination offers to our customers the best value for money 'package' of products and services that can be found in the market today!